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Marquee on Meron – Vertical and rooftop gardens in Southport PDA, Gold Coast

Marquee on Meron, designed by Lightwave, commenced construction in November. This development sits in the Garden Residential Precinct on the southern end of the PDA area. Meron Street and Bauer Streets have long been recognised for their relaxed landscape character and the PDA envisages this character be maintained as the area morphs into a high density urban village.

Southport is regarded as the epicenter of economic growth & infrastructure upgrade on the northern part of the Gold Coast, already beautifully located in a unique natural setting surrounded by the Broadwater Parklands.

The recently completed G-Line & the fast approaching 2018 Commonwealth Games are only two of the many opportunities offered by such location.

The development at 4-8 Meron Street offers a Medium-Rise 9 storey building with a relaxed garden character and prominent green streetscape which provide a lush environment as well as privacy to the occupants and neighbouring dwellings.


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