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Reflections from the 2023 Design Show Australia

Riris Paradipta, our Interior Designer travelled to Melbourne in June to attend the 2023 Design Show Australia, previously known as DENFAIR. Read on to hear what caught her eye during the three days of learning and research. As an attendee traveling from the Gold Coast, I had the opportunity to experience a carefully curated collection of brands from Australia and beyond, showcasing high-quality products, innovations, and project solutions shaping the Architecture and Building Industry.

The event provided a platform to meet brand owners and creators, allowing me to engage with them personally and discover their collections. It was a valuable opportunity to source new products and solutions, while also gaining technical knowledge from industry experts.

This year, Design Show Australia collaborated with ArchiPro, further enhancing the event's offerings and providing a broader range of resources and networking opportunities. The show featured a free-to-attend FutureBuild Summit and RAIA Refuel CPD stage, offering thought-provoking content and addressing key challenges currently facing the industry.

Taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Design Show Australia created a community of like-minded creatives, connecting professionals and design enthusiasts. The event aimed to foster connections, facilitate knowledge sharing, and inspire Architects and Designers through original and well-designed products. In addition to the show floor with hundreds of brands, the event included various feature areas and an extensive agenda to enhance the overall experience. These elements provided business support, inspiration, and a platform for discovering the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

Here are some highlighted products from Design Show Australia:

ACUSTICO LIGHTING debuted their first product at Design Show Australia. Their lighting solutions aim to address the challenge of noisy spaces by combining colour, texture, and shape with ambient light and noise absorption. The result is an elegant and acoustically pleasing addition to any space, enhancing both aesthetics and tranquility.

The ZOME BUILDING KIT showcased the versatility of bamboo as a construction material. This kit allows users to create unique spaces within a space, such as breakout areas, hangout spaces, or greenhouse enclosures. Bamboo has gained popularity for its eco-friendly and sustainable qualities, and the Zome Building Kit demonstrates its potential for innovative and adaptable design.

CONCREET collaborated with ENP Fitouts to showcase their unique S-1 series, which challenges traditional concrete design. Constructed from a single compound 99% inorganic material, their creations offer a distinct, natural finish that is durable and versatile. With a range of thicknesses and over 201 mineral paint colours to choose from, their bespoke designs can be tailored to individual aesthetics while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

These highlighted products exemplify the innovation, sustainability, and creativity showcased at Design Show Australia, offering attendees the opportunity to discover unique and cutting-edge solutions for their design challenges.

Overall, Design Show Australia offered a vibrant and enriching environment for industry trade like myself, allowing me to connect with industry leaders, discover innovative products, and gain valuable insights into the Architecture and Building Industry.

Riris Paradipta Interior Designer / Building Designer Lightwave Architectural


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