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Project Spotlight: 'Wharf Street' a Mixed-Use Development in the Heart of Tweed Heads

Wharf Street, nestled in the heart of Tweed Heads CBD, was once a bustling center for retail and commercial services, reminiscent of a time when towns revolved around post offices, retail shops, and department stores. Childhood memories include family excursions to Target and Myers, the sole department stores on the Gold Coast back then. Recognizing the potential for urban renewal in Tweed, the NSW Government initiated a Master Plan and LEP in 2014. It has taken many years, but Tweed Heads is finally coming back to life as it is recognised for its prime location, moments away from the NSW / QLD border and the famous Coolangatta beaches. This development project was brought to life by the collaboration between a visionary long-term client and the creative team at Lightwave Architectural.

At Lightwave Architectural, our team is guided by a fundamental ethos: listen, understand, create. We recognise the importance of immersing ourselves in the client's perspective, making their vision our North Star. Our long-term client, with a background in structural engineering, appreciates the intricacies of form, including function, context, materials, and structural considerations. The collaborative journey with the Lightwave team was built on a shared commitment to realising the client's aspirations, preferences for simple materials and a cost-conscious design and construction process. Consequently the building form was derived from understanding and manipulating working processes in concrete, formwork and masonry block. Interconnecting slabs and walls have been conceived to provide a dynamic form that weaves its way up and across the building. Rendered extruded awnings and the skilful interplay between solid and glazed balustrades elevate the overall composition, exuding a modern allure that complements the building's aesthetic.

At ground level, the building is wrapped with retail tenancies, creating a dynamic and lively streetscape, consistent with the visions of the Tweed Master Plan. As the building ascends, it stretches to nine storeys, each one expertly crafted to accommodate 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. Indeed, our client had identified from previous projects a substantial demand for one bedroom units and consequently the unit mix is made up of a large number of one bedroom apartments and studios.

Each apartment offers residents a generously proportioned balcony, a tranquil retreat in the midst of urban life. A key feature of the building is communal spaces located on the second and eighth levels. These areas were thoughtfully conceived to provide both active and contemplative spaces, nurturing a strong sense of community among the residents. Within these vibrant communal zones, you'll discover inviting dining spaces, snug seating alcoves, and open lawns that offer abundant opportunities for both entertainment and peaceful introspection.

Our client is delighted that we captured their vision succinctly. Upon completion of the project, it is clear that the Wharf Street development has transformed a quiet street corner into a lively hub of commercial and residential space. This is more than a construction tale; it's a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, creativity, and a commitment to quality.

A GIF that quickly shows the process of designing the Wharf Street development


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