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11 March, 2016

The World Famous Architect

While undertaking some late night googling looking for papers on getting the best performance from our architects, I stumbled upon this website…”Notes on becoming a famous Architect”.  Topics include “Pay Attention to your clothes”, “You Don’t have to be good Parts 1-5″, “Fake it till you make it” and “Take a lesson from Paris Hilton.” [...]

10 February, 2015

A beautiful and sustainable house adjoining Springbrook National Park

A disused banana farm overrun by noxoius weeds, on the fringes of a world heritage national park, provided the perfect clean slate for sustainable design. Acquired by a couple with strong environmental values, the Austinville project was part of a larger strategy for them to give back to the environment. With a long history in [...]

10 February, 2015

Designing enjoyable workspaces

Lightwave International & Glenzeil have recently completed the Design & Construction for Centrepoint Alliance’s Queensland Head Office situated in Bundall on the Gold Coast. It spans over approximately 1200m2 on Level 13&14 of Corporate Centre Tower No1, with stunning 360 degrees views over the Pacific Ocean, Broadwater & Gold Coast Hinterland. Together with a young [...]

20 May, 2013

Permanent Modular Construction – what is it really?

Economic downturns tend to generate innovation, and in the design and construction industry, this may manifest in new materials, services and construction systems to name a few.  One such system that has been topical is modular construction, and indeed, we’ve seen a lot of development of modular construction systems and delivered projects. But what is [...]

20 May, 2013

More Apps for Architects, builders…and anybody else interested

Our last newsletter featured some of the latest apps available on for iPhones and Android devices that are simple applications making our working lives easier.  The feature included Sunseeker, a program that allows us to determine the suns location at any time of the year, an extremely handy tool in our detailed process of maximizing [...]

20 May, 2013

Cost Effective Education Spaces

When looking for a school to send our kids there is always a multitude of factors that we consider.  Location, cost, curriculum, facilities, clientele, overall school presentation and more all contribute to the decision.  The quality of education facilities may not necessarily reflect the quality of the education provided, but they can go a long [...]

11 December, 2012

The Green Wall Phenomenon – a vine frame for a commercial building

The notion of greening buildings and the urban landscape can be difficult to achieve. Personally, I have found people’s attitudes toward greening a city very positive. When asked about greening the city the general response is “yes it’s a great idea, we should be doing more of it” however, when delivering projects, the attitude of [...]

11 December, 2012

The Age of Technology – apps for architects

In this age of technology help is just the press of a button away.  Architecture is one such profession benefiting from this as iPhone apps revolutionise the way we work. Drawing, calculating, organising, preparing and experimenting on a daily basis has never been easier. Our smart phones have become a handy and comprehensive little tool, which if [...]

11 December, 2012

A House For One – the small house movement

With single person dwellings now the fastest growing household type, what will the house of the future look like?  Does living alone have to mean apartment living? A demographic shift is under way and more Australians than ever before are living alone — and doing it in suburbs once considered the preserve of the nuclear [...]

29 June, 2012

Changes to the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme – could it impact the uptake of solar panels post July 9?

The Queensland Government Office of Clean Energy has officially announced that from 10 July 2012 the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme feed-in tariff for surplus electricity generated from domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems with a less than 5kW capacity will be reduced from 44 c/kWh to 8 c/kWh.   The Government notes that the 44 cent [...]

6 June, 2012

Lightwave discusses learning environments at the 12th Annual CEFPI Conference

Lightwave Director, Chris Collier, was a guest presenter at the 12th Annual CEFPI Conference held at the Marriott Hotel on the Gold Coast in June. Chris was asked to discuss the Lightwave designed Enterprise Centre at Southport State School as part of the conference’s theme on shaping learning environments to meet the needs of the [...]

6 March, 2012

Architectural Innovation in Aged Care

Aged care and architectural innovation are not usually identified as partners.   Over many years aged care developments have typically become homogenous institutions that rely more on affordable repetition then innovation. This is generally reflected in both the architectural solutions and the service model.  Indeed they are institutionalised and basic functions are dumbed down for [...]


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