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Worker Accomodation Blackwater

Worker accommodation and utilities with innovative modular housing solutions

Lightwave was entrusted with the task of master planning and designing worker's accommodation facilities across multiple sites, including the vibrant location of Blackwater in Queensland. With the site falling within a ULDA UDA (Urban Development Area), our design approach was carefully crafted to meet the ULDA's strategic guidelines for worker accommodation, ensuring a harmonious integration into the town's fabric.
Our forward-thinking design embraces the long-term use of the site, contributing to the town's vitality while maximising space utilisation and minimising costs through the advantages of modular construction. By leveraging the interstitial space between buildings, we have ingeniously created additional high-quality areas for workers to relax and unwind.

The focal point of the development features a covered public thoroughfare, adorned with striking angled roofs, serving as a vibrant hub connecting various facilities. This lively spine includes a café, dining space, cozy seating recesses, and a convenient shop, fostering a lively streetscape that seamlessly integrates with the site. Covered outdoor dining areas not only shield the buildings from the harsh western sun but also add aesthetic drama, further enhancing the active edge along the front street.

At the site entrance, the central facilities stand as architectural marvels, blurring the line between public and private spaces. The expansive awning roofs provide ample shade for the active edges, while simultaneously defining the entrance spaces against the backdrop of a breathtaking vista.

By strategically separating the built forms for different functions and incorporating landscaped relief, we introduce a delightful interplay between architecture and nature, allowing occupants to curate their own surroundings and create an environment tailored to their needs.

Petrel Ave 1.jpg

Village National

Blackwater, Central Queensland, Australia



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