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Tall Trees Cairns

Architectural solutions for intergenerational spaces

Our aged care architects at Lightwave, partnership with the Tall Trees Group, is redefining the nursing home experience in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Through our expertise in assisted living facility design, we are crafting remarkable spaces for diverse age groups, we are proud to introduce our fourth retirement community design, a testament to our commitment to evolving wellness-focused and sustainable aged care architecture models within Australia.

Our design of home-like environments in aged care transcend the conventional perception of aged care facility design, prioritising environments that seamlessly integrate support devices while maintaining a welcoming ambiance. Meticulous attention to detail ensures a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, creating spaces that residents can truly call home.

At the core of our approach is a focus on engagement through amenity, socialisation and communal spaces. Within the community centre, we have artfully integrated spaces such as a bar, library, and vibrant vegetable gardens, empowering residents to connect with their surroundings and foster a sense of community. The outdoor connections to gardens and community spaces are essential in wellness-focused senior living.

Inspired by international hotels, our space planning incorporates valet parking, inviting lobby spaces, and double-height voids that evoke a sense of grandeur. Additionally, a second-level semi-public space promotes openness and connectivity, accessible through a lift and grand staircase, promoting barrier-free design for seniors.

We believe in creating centres that celebrate inclusivity for residents, their families, and the wider community. Our spaces serve as vibrant hubs for interaction and shared experiences, celebrating the richness of diversity. Recognising the value of intergenerational connections, our design celebrates the bond between elders and children. An elaborate playground and an inviting resident-managed ice cream/coffee shop create opportunities for meaningful interactions and moments of joy, fostering connections that transcend age barriers.

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Tall Trees

Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia




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