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A beautiful and sustainable house next to Springbrook Natural Park

The Austinville house was undertaken by a couple who have a strong environmental underpinning to their life values and the project was part of a larger strategy for them to give back to the environment. They wanted a simple home with an aesthetic that communicated the spirit of the land regeneration.  A multitude of environmentally sustainable concepts were considered and included the impacts on the environment by living on ecologically sensitive land, energy consumption, re-use of waste and actually living in and with the natural environment.  The house is completely self sufficient in electricity and a solar hot water system is used to provide hot water.  A flushing compost Dowmus toilet is part of the waste management system.  A high emphasis was placed on thoroughly sealing all possible entry points for wildlife including snakes and tiny native mice. It is a modern, beautiful house, made largely from simple and recycled materials, that fits subtly into the surrounding bush environment that is a pleasure to live in.

Petrel Ave 1.jpg

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