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Odyssey Robina

Bringing together aged care and child care facilities

The Odyssey Group’s new project in Robina, is dedicated to revolutionising nursing home architecture through innovative design solutions that prioritise the wellness and independent living design. With a strong focus on the ageing-in-place design philosophy, we strive to create environments that break away from institutional norms through a deep understanding of the latest aged care design principles. Our goal is to create a seamless blend of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics in our aged care building design.

Our recent project in Robina showcases our commitment to person-centred care facilities. We bridge the gap between traditional models by offering a tailored solution that combines the best elements of hotels, nursing homes, and retirement villages. Drawing inspiration from successful European models, we introduce a pioneering intergenerational living concepts to Australia - the integration of aged care and child care, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

Understanding the unique needs of our elderly residents, who are predominantly aged 85 and above, we believe that age-friendly housing and senior living development should inspire life and vitality. By incorporating children into the aged care architectural design, we provide a natural antidote to boredom, stillness, and loneliness. The presence of children within socialisation and communal spaces brings a renewed sense of purpose and dignity to the lives of the elderly, while offering valuable opportunities for positive intergenerational interactions.
In addition to our holistic-wellness design approach to aged care architecture, our project includes 18 NDIS assisted living apartments. Designed with utmost consideration for dignity and independence, these apartments feature their own separate entrances. Residents benefit from a harmonious integration with the centralised care support available at the Aged Care Leisure Centre, providing a seamless and convenient living experience.

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Odyssey Group

Robina, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

150 Independent Apartments,Transitional Care and Leisure Centre

Under Construction


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