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Hickey Street Dementia Care

Revolutionising dementia care, Hickey Street dementia centre sets a new standard in design

The Hickey Street Dementia Centre is an innovative project in Coomera, Gold Coast aimed at revolutionising care for individuals with Stage 5-7 Dementia. As experienced aged care architects, we have designed this state-of-the-art facility to prioritise the well-being and comfort of residents while adhering to the latest aged care design principles. Our team of dedicated aged care architects have worked closely with experts in dementia care to create a space that promotes ageing-in-place and supports residents' unique needs.

We have partnered with Symphony Care to develop a groundbreaking solution for age-friendly housing design that offers personalised care and accommodation within small, homelike environments. We have embraced a person-centred design approach, ensuring that every aspect of the facility promotes home-like environments in aged care.

Our design process has spanned several years and involved extensive collaboration with people living with dementia, as well as leading experts in the field, including Professor Andrew Robinson from the University of Tasmania and Richard Fleming, the visionary behind Wollongong Universities Dementia Training Australia.

In order to embrace modern aged care, the centrepiece of our design philosophy is the creation of dementia care architecture that breaks away from institutionalised norms and foster a sense of home, personal connection, and genuine relationships. Our approach minimises the need for sophisticated hospital-like equipment, ensuring a subtle integration of care and mobility support devices that maintain and reinforce the perception of a welcoming, comfortable home.

Our Gold Coast aged care architecture firm has design many aged care facilities across Australia. Our expertise in aged care facility design and our commitment to creating modern and contemporary spaces have made us a trusted choice for retirement living apartments, aged care facilities, and senior living developments.

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Symphony Care Community

15 Hickey St, Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

900 m2

Under Construction

$7 M

EV Built

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