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Lightwave News 2022

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The Lightwave Newsletter reignites. It has been 2.5 years and there is no need to dwell for long but there has been a number of tumultuous events and changes to our world. Like the rest of the development industry we’ve been head down bum up getting through the post covid demand. Its been a productive period for us and we love to share some of our ideas, solutions and our work with you. The newsletter forum for us has been a great way to engage with our clients, colleagues, consultants, designers and collaborators. Click through below for a snapshot of a few projects woth more to come soon– design solutions as utilitarian as a waste transfer facility to a highrise building with a narrative and storing telling exploring "Ocean meets the coast in Coolangatta.

Saffron at Links

Saffron at Links is located as a Gateway to the Links Hope Island Golf Course. Our client was looking for a signature development that combined luxury living with sustainability and wellness. The resulting forms and material selections creates a new and modern architectural aesthetic for residents and the Hope Island Community. Curved batten screens provide protection and dappled light to the two storey outdoor alfrescoe areas. The screens take reference from the undulating curves of the golf course greens and bunkers and provide an organic softening to the approach to the golf course.

Symphony Care

Symphony Care Community provides a new model of dementia living - a small home like friendly environment based on providing normal life experiences for people with dementia. The idea is to deinstitutionalise everything about traditional dementia accomodation and care by recognising the unique needs and preferences of its residents. The architecture seeks to connect with the cohort through the use of human scale, familiar references and disconnects with the institution through clever disguising of traditional mobility and support devices. Daily functions are treasured to incentivise as the elderly persons world gets smaller and the simple things become the joys in life. Family, friends and carers play an important role in this environment.


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