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A remarkable space saving innovation for affordable housing.

A housing affordability crisis needs genuine and sincere responses. We love the startup company Bumblebee Space who have challenged unutilised space and the time we don't spend in our expensive spaces. Our bedrooms stay empty for 16 hours a day, living room 19 hours and wardrobes an average of 23 hours of unused time. Bumblebee have a designed a remarkable space saving modular furniture solution that utilises and intersects the best of design, technology and manufacture. The Bumblebee in essence is a modular furniture kit thats includes a bed, desk and storage. It is suspended to the ceiling and via the use of a smart phone or voice activation the furniture pieces decend gracefully from the ceiling.

In one simple idea, the Bumblebee allows a bedroom to turn into a living room or home office, a kids play space. Small difficult spaces in apartments or studio's can morph into highly functional, comfortable spaces transforming the living experience.

Design elements are all highly considered and resolved and the Bumblebee, with white oak finish, the quality of design and living is not compromised by the function. Its not only a bed that descends and the product comes with storage boxes, study desks and TV consoles that can descend from the ceiling. Seamless design that becomes part of the space - functional components take a secondary position and are unobtrusive

The movement up and down of the furniture modules is a result of the companies innovations in robototics to lift the payloads. The company say the robotic ceiling unit is the atom of the system they use to create the molecules.

Lidar sensors monitor the movement of the furniture for other objects and puts human safety at the forefront. They are finely calibrated to detect a baby or a small piece of furniture.

The technology innovations don't stop there. Along with an app that controls the movement of the various modules, the system photographs each storage box when returned, and the user can view what personal items are stored in each box on their own iphone. A great way for finding those missing socks. The company claims they are working on recognition software so that the system will automatically find your requests for keys, socks, clothing and other inputs.

Checkout their website here to learn more about this fascinating product.

Its not cheap and only available in the US, however we think its the beginning of some serious innovation in housing solutions and demonstrates the role innovation can play when given the opportunity.


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