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Claremont on the Park Aged Care

Stylish private aged care in Perth’s newest hub for culture and community

Claremont is a cultural and community hub nestled in the western suburbs of Perth, Australia. Surrounded by historic charm and just a stone's throw away from the pristine shores of Cottesloe Beach, Claremont offers a vibrant lifestyle for retirement living.

In this setting, Lightwave presents a concept for private aged care architecture, blending style, comfort, and community. Our aged care building design enjoys a coveted location, bordered by the Claremont Golf Course, Tennis Club, Aquatic Centre, the newly reopened Claremont Football Club, and high-end multi-residential developments.

The modern aged care facility unfolds in four stages, offering 139 thoughtfully designed one and two bedroom units. At the heart of the wellness-focused senior living design, a two-storey Leisure Centre serves as a focal point, housing amenities such as transitional beds, a day care centre, a research and development lab, and a charming corner coffee shop. Surrounding the communal landscaped garden, the four stages embrace a sense of unity, with walkways leading to the units and three Memory Nodes—Sensory gardens for dementia care. These gardens provide stimulating environments for the senses—nestled along the street-fronts, fostering connectivity within the active ageing communities.

With a focus on green building in aged care, green spaces take centre stage in our design, with Sky Gardens located on alternate levels, allowing for deep, tall planting along all street-fronts. A modern and elegant scheme of white and timber blends harmoniously with the local materials synonymous with the area, such as red clay brick and limestone features on the street level. This combination creates an earthy and familiar ambiance that resonates with the older, more conservative residents, providing a sense of comfort and belonging.

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane aged care architects are experts in elderly care facility design, focusing on innovative aged care design principles and retirement living solutions across Australia.

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Arcadia Group

Claremont, Perth, WA Australia

5450 m2

Concept Stage


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