Wings community for young adults with an intellectual disability

Wings Communities is a specialised respite centre for young adults with an intellectual disability that offers educational programs that allow them to thrive in the community and prepare them for a life lived with dignity and independence. Lightwave worked intimately with the Wings founder, an entrepreneur with a hospitality and accommodation background, to design and create unique and world class facility. The design team collaborated with future uses of the project to develop a deep understanding of the future residents, and to identify the needs of the accommodation.
The project consists of 15 small self contained apartments, a community lounge and kitchen, configured around a central grassed courtyard. One of the key issues identified through collaboration with the user group, was that playfulness, modernity, and community were more important issues than mobility, which is the typical policy focus of local and federal legislation. The project was initially conceived and designed prior to the publication and future release of the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Design Standard, however, Lightwave, with the assistance of specialist consultants, has been incorporate some minor design to ensure the project is compliant with new standard coming into effect mid 2021.

Petrel Ave 1.jpg