Designed with Eastern influences for a holiday closer to home

At the time of the development, nearby Casuarina Beach had only recently completed its first stage and property valuers and the banks did not recognise the region within their standard valuation and lending parameters. However, the developer had identified both an opportunity for capital gain for investors and also the gen x and baby boomers who were looking for holiday accommodation properties. With this market familiar with holidaying in the resorts of Indonesia and Bali, the developer required the project to have a Balinese style. The challenge for Lightwave was to develop an appropriate aesthetic that was not a kitsch reference to Balinese grassed roofs and would stand the test of time long after the fashionable interest in Bali was over. The response was to develop an Australian subtropical environment that responded to its local context. Lightwave’s design philosophies tend to lean more to eastern references rather than traditional European approaches and hence the project has a distinctly Australian feel, while still reminding holiday makers of their memories in Balinese resorts. Lightwave was integrally involved in the entire design process including furniture procurement and selection of object d’art for the building. Australian modernist artists had a significant influence on Balinese artists in the 60’s and the sculptures located throughout the project are abstract in form and represent the alliance of feminine and masculine psyches. As with most projects, many of the project’s elements are centred on maximising light into the hotel apartments and utilising water to enhance the journey to the apartments. Careful collaboration in the design stages was undertaken in establishing maintenance costs of the timber within the project and including this within the projects body corporate costs and sinking fund. Retail and food & beverage outlets complement the facility at ground floor and provide alfresco dining for patrons of Paradiso Resort and Kingsliff residents and visitors.

Petrel Ave 1.jpg