This lively building takes on a public identity in the evenings

As part of the Building the Education Revolution funding, Mt Cotton resource centre and multi-purpose hall was one of several projects undertaken for Grindley Constructions.
Our aim with these projects was to develop a cost effective solution to satisfy stringent (DET) Department of Education guidelines and deliver a product tailor made to the schools requirements.
Material selections and detail design within the hall provided natural daylight through high impact transparent sheets and controlled ventilation through solid timber pivot doors. These were designed to distribute the light and ventilation throughout the hall and have the added effect of bringing the building to life for night time performances. Glowing like a lantern, the transparent strips make the hall appear independent to the rest of the school, taking on a public identity.
The resource centre is connected to the hall via a new landscaped courtyard which becomes the centre of the school. Addressing the main entry and overlooking the oval the resource centre is a simple and playful building. Minor re-planning to the proposed templates allowed the plan to open up and address the main pathways through the school with careful window placement creating a series of internal spaces within the open plan.

Petrel Ave 1.jpg