Enhancing the experience of learning, playing and performing

Aquinas College is in the process of substantial expansion and engaged Lightwave Architectural to assist with this complex and exciting process. The master plan included staged developments based on funding opportunities and yearly growth. Lightwave are currently preparing the concept designs for all the works up to 2015 and managing the consultant team to deliver with tight timeframes and strict budgets. The extent of works includes 29 new teaching spaces in a variety of forms, new landscape and covered space treatments, new performing arts and multi purpose centre and Administration and staff facility extensions. Such a large insertion into an existing school needs to carefully consider the impact of new works on both the image and function of the campus. While the master plan identifies a cohesive whole the aesthetics and integration of the new works can both reference the existing and provide technically advanced product that improves the quality of the school as a whole. Furthermore the spaces between buildings provide significant opportunities for learning and play, and students tend to spend significant amounts of time in these spaces between classes. The space between buildings can be effective learning areas and most importantly are high impact for minimal cost. By providing a variety of these spaces that connect through the school a layered series learning and relaxation spaces develop.

Petrel Ave 1.jpg