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1 July, 2019

Google Search Tips and Tricks

In the current age of information, we are all continuously seeking information available on the internet to assist in the performance of our daily work.  Of course its often possible to get buried in the copious amounts of information that is available.  We’ve been using some of these great and often unknown short cuts to refine our searches and hone in on the specific information we are seeking.


This search string tells the search engine to specifically look within the site parameters you define.  Perhaps you wish to search stainless steel bolts only on Australian websites, simply type stainless steel bolts  The search will be limited to sites with . in their domain name.

Another example might be if you are researching specific government policy in a certain field.  Lets say dementia – the search string dementia site will limit the search to government sites with the domain  The search could simply be a specific web site, say the Australian Bureau of Statistics using the string dementia


Another method to target quality information rather than sales material is to target the search to look for all pdf documents on the topic.  For instance if we were working on steel protective coatings, the string steel protective coatings :.pdf provides only sites that have pdf documents, and are likely to have good reference material rather promotional material on steel protective coatings.  This string can be applied to any file type simply by using semicon and the file type after the search term.

Exclude a word

Use the minus sign to exclude a word if the subject gets complicated – such as Vikings -football.

Use Related: to search for similar sites such as

There are plenty more but we will leave it to you to search google and find some tools to simplify your day! We hope you find this useful.


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