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4 July, 2019

A Heart Warming Testimonial

Recently we were collecting testimonials for our listing on and received this testimonial from David.  Lightwave designed a home for David over 15 years ago.  David is a novelist and his words are very eloquent – and he really identifies the pleasures of living in an architectural designed home.

“Today, and every day, when you approach from a distance you can feel the welcome of your home’s familiar, warm glow. Everything about it reflects your personality. Your love, life, eccentricities and interests accompany you on your journey through the front door and meanderings around the rooms. The colours, ambience, sounds and familiar aromas are yours and each day your loved ones rejoice in the charm and beauty of their most intimate environment. When you are away, you long to return and, when you leave it is with considerable regret. In ten or twenty years the perfection of its design will remain as part of your spirit, enhancing the person that is you. You will be forever grateful that you chose the architect whose long hours of consultation guided you through the emergence of your most important, lifelong investment.
Award winning architect Mark Walsh, principal of Lightwave, created a design that was specifically for me.
Thank you, Mark”


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