- Odyssey Robina

Bringing together Aged Care & Child Care Facilities

After the successful cooperation for the design of the Odyssey Yeppoon facility, a second opportunity arised for Lightwave to design an Aged Care Facility with the Odyssey group, this time in Robina, on the Gold Coast. Just like the Yeppoon facility, it is conceived under the “Ageing in Place” philosophy, providing as much independence as possible in a “de-institutionalised” environment. The concept provides an aged care solution that bridges the gap between traditional hotels, nursing homes and retirement villages.

It also brings to light a concept which is still relatively new to Australia; the choice to bring together Aged Care & Child Care echoes from successful models active mostly in Europe. Being the elderly residents for this development targeted at 85+, it is vital to create a lively and vibrant community, where the people come to live rather than die. Bringing in children is a natural & healthy solution to counteract boredom, stillness and loneliness. Children are an uplifting presence for the elderly giving them a sense of purpose and added dignity to their lives. Children too benefit greatly from increased positive interaction with older adults. Economical relief is also a consequence of this intergenerational interaction.

The development features 3 buildings over 6 to 7 levels plus undercroft or basement parking. Three storeys of Leisure Centre & Transitional Care serve the 148 1/2 Bedroom Units.

From an architectural point view, the development is designed to create a high impact gateway statement from the busy main roads & intersections, through architectural form and 2-storey sky gardens. All the 3 buildings are interconnected via covered walkways. Natural nuances and materials dress the three building each in its feature colour code.



Odyssey Aged Care

Robina, QLD,  Australia

3 Buildings, 148 Units plus Leisure Centre, Transitional Care & Child Care Centre



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