- Concept Work

Harmony Hill Park

Commissioned by Sin Chew, a Chinese newspaper media group that enjoys a well respected following in the Malaysian-Chinese community, Harmony Hill Park is planned to respond to the lack of care solutions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lightwave was engaged by Sin Chew and a Malaysian developer to prepare, in association with a Malaysian PhD in Aged Care, a research and concept paper for an appropriate, self-sustaining development to provide care and accommodation to the elderly.

A final masterplan for a 20 acre block of land was prepared, which included an Integrated Residential Care Facility, Supported Living Apartments, a Health & Wellness Centre, Student Accommodation and Integrated Family Apartments. The Architectural design of the solutions provided flexibility in its roll out so that the staged care centres could be adapted to the needs of the emerging market. A diversity of design was also required to cater for a range of income groups.

KLCSI Elderly Day Care Centre

Lightwave was invited to participate by the Kuala Lumpur Centre for Sustainable Innovation to a Design Competition for an Elderly Day Care Centre in a residential area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Lightwave’s submission resulted in the Rama-Rama Care Club, a multifaceted approach to caring for the elderly. It is designed to provide a community environment that bring wellness and support services.  Four Key Wellness Themes – Physical, Mental, Relationship and Personal Wellness – create the main philosophy for the Club. The building reflects these themes via four organic nodes where activities related to each wellness theme will take place.

The Care Club provides a Caregivers Support Network that allows carers to network, share ideas and gain some respite from their intensive roles. Three 4-Bedroom Homecare Units provide family oriented environments where carers provide support to very frail elderly. The residents participate in their daily chores to an extent their condition allows. Each home operates with some independence to maintain a homely environment and not become institutionalised. The model is also scalable and can be incorporated into a larger solution. Finally, the Care Club includes a collaboration with a University. The Research & Training Institute provides a mechanism to develop knowledge and a skilled workforce to care for the elderly.

Iskandar Masterplanned Community

The Johor Government in Malaysia wanted a Masterplan to be drawn up to realise Iskandar Malaysia’s potential as a Medical and Healthcare Hub in the region. It neighbours some of the most prominent destinations of southern peninsular Malaysia, like Singapore, Johor Bahru, Legoland and Educity, a prime location fro quality first class education.

This innovative new community provides a number of different Precincts for Residents & Visitors to enjoy, like: the Health & Wellness Neighbourhood, Affordable & Luxury Multigenerational Housing, the Caravan Serai, an Integrated Residential Care Centre & Supported Living Community, Signature Villas, Commercial/Education Precincts, and more.

The Multigenerational Housing, in particular, provides accommodation solutions that allow children, adults & grandparents to live together in modern housing environments. The IRCC will provide for elderly people with High Care Needs, including Dementia, while the Supported Living Community will cater for Medium to High Care where elderly residents with increasing care needs live independently in apartments with Hotel type services.



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