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Our Services – Master Planning

Master Planning, Lightwave Architectural

A sustainable plan in mind

We have wide experience in master planning – from luxurious marina property developments to eco villages and large scale residential developments.

Master planning and urban design is about more than designing buildings.  Urban design solutions address broad issues and include numerous stakeholders and professional consultants.  All sorts of issues need to be resolved whether it be town planning strategies and legislation, roads and infrastructure, community consultation and input, stormwater catchment and treatment, public transport, environmental issues or development and marketing issues.

A clearly articulated project outcome is established at the outset to provide a decision making framework during the process.  While this outcome may vary during the course of the investigative process, Lightwave designers can either manage the team or work with other managers to provide the project’s design solutions.  As a team we will collect and assemble information, process and understand the issues, and then provide and co-ordinate innovative solutions to address the project brief.  Ultimately we want to create and build a unique and positive quality of space backed by functional and affordable services that are the arteries to our towns and cities.