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20 May, 2013

More Apps for Architects, builders…and anybody else interested

Our last newsletter featured some of the latest apps available on for iPhones and Android devices that are simple applications making our working lives easier.  The feature included Sunseeker, a program that allows us to determine the suns location at any time of the year, an extremely handy tool in our detailed process of maximizing passive design principles into our buildings.  Following are some more great apps that we are finding useful in our day to day lives.


This App is useful when taking measurements of objects and allows easy transferral of information.  Simply take a photograph of the area in question and write the measurements on the photo using the app tools.  Below is a photograph of a house Lightwave is working on.  There was some additional detail required on the stone stair at the entry and the builder simply took the photo, added the “As Constructed” measurements and sent the photo to our architect.  A very quick and accurate process of communicating the information and allowed us to prepare a response quickly without having to get to site.

Turn your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a scanner and send your PDFs to your colleagues. The device allows you to take a photo of a document or a sketch, the adjust the perspective of the photo with the guidelines within the app to adjust any distortion. This image adjustment results in a pdf of similar quality to that achievable in a flat bed scanner or for that manner an expensive photocopier!! Scan in Black and White, grey scale, colour and select the page size required. The app also includes a mechanism to upload to your cloud based storage such as google drive, box and drop box. You can even send to your printer.


Angle Meter lets you measure angles and a variety of slope forms in 2 different modes, by positioning the device on its side or on its back. Angle value reference from 0° to 90° by horizontal axis is displayed in real time with graphics animation related by mode. Calibration option is available for improved accuracy.

Available for iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad and Android.

Watch out for our next Newsletter for more Apps!


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