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23 April, 2020

Graphic Art Series – Federico Babina

In light of the current situation we find ourselves in we thought we’d create a series displaying one of our favourite artists, for all the architectural tragics out there! Federico Babina intertwines his interest in graphic design and architecture in his graphic art. His series, Archiplan, interprets well known architects and creates a visual reflection [...]

4 July, 2019

A Heart Warming Testimonial

Recently we were collecting testimonials for our listing on and received this testimonial from David.  Lightwave designed a home for David over 15 years ago.  David is a novelist and his words are very eloquent – and he really identifies the pleasures of living in an architectural designed home. “Today, and every day, when [...]

1 July, 2019

Google Search Tips and Tricks

In the current age of information, we are all continuously seeking information available on the internet to assist in the performance of our daily work.  Of course its often possible to get buried in the copious amounts of information that is available.  We’ve been using some of these great and often unknown short cuts to [...]

11 March, 2016

The World Famous Architect

While undertaking some late night googling looking for papers on getting the best performance from our architects, I stumbled upon this website…”Notes on becoming a famous Architect”.  Topics include “Pay Attention to your clothes”, “You Don’t have to be good Parts 1-5″, “Fake it till you make it” and “Take a lesson from Paris Hilton.” [...]

10 February, 2015

A beautiful and sustainable house adjoining Springbrook National Park

A disused banana farm overrun by noxoius weeds, on the fringes of a world heritage national park, provided the perfect clean slate for sustainable design. Acquired by a couple with strong environmental values, the Austinville project was part of a larger strategy for them to give back to the environment. With a long history in [...]

10 February, 2015

Designing enjoyable workspaces

Lightwave International & Glenzeil have recently completed the Design & Construction for Centrepoint Alliance’s Queensland Head Office situated in Bundall on the Gold Coast. It spans over approximately 1200m2 on Level 13&14 of Corporate Centre Tower No1, with stunning 360 degrees views over the Pacific Ocean, Broadwater & Gold Coast Hinterland. Together with a young [...]

15 February, 2012

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

If money were no object, what kind of house would you design? At Lightwave we had lots of fun with this question and it got us talking about people for whom money is no object – like Hollywood celebrities and their choice of house design and architect. How does an architect get a gig like [...]

5 September, 2011


Vision is probably something we’d all love to say we have. Surely though vision is nothing more than the ability to see… but see what? See the car in front of you as you sit in traffic trying to get to work or the meeting you’re running late for! See that time is getting away [...]


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