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13 December, 2017

The power of Architecture – Flying Monks

Songshan Mountain is a sacred & UNESCO World Heritage listed site in rural Henan, Central China. Designed by Latvian Studio Mailitis Architects, the Shaolin Flying Monks Theatre is nested along Songshan’s hillside, creating a new landmark amongst the existing traditional structures such as the Shaolin Monastery and the Songyang Confucian Academy. It houses a vertical [...]

11 December, 2012

The Age of Technology – apps for architects

In this age of technology help is just the press of a button away.  Architecture is one such profession benefiting from this as iPhone apps revolutionise the way we work. Drawing, calculating, organising, preparing and experimenting on a daily basis has never been easier. Our smart phones have become a handy and comprehensive little tool, which if [...]

11 December, 2012

A House For One – the small house movement

With single person dwellings now the fastest growing household type, what will the house of the future look like?  Does living alone have to mean apartment living? A demographic shift is under way and more Australians than ever before are living alone — and doing it in suburbs once considered the preserve of the nuclear [...]

1 March, 2012

A demographic view of the future

Alan Kohler, ABC Financial Reporter and Editor of the Business Spectator, is known for his somewhat quirky graphs that he uses to capture our attention and illustrate his point. One such graph recently captured our attention and is similar other view points we have considered about our future.  Now, as you know, Lightwave are not [...]

21 November, 2011

Containers are the new black

The world has started to embrace a steel box.  Yes, containers are being used everywhere from emergency shelters and concept stores through to restaurants and weekenders.  They are an ideal building material due to being purpose built for heavy loads and resistance to harsh environments – think on board ocean-going vessels or road transportation. They are [...]

25 July, 2011

Architecture’s place in the fashion industry

Architecture has become a powerful tool in the fashion industry. The synchronisation of a brand’s corporate identity with its shopping environment has expanded the scope of facades, fit out and joinery detailing to produce some amazing responses. Architecture has been adopted as a potent communicator of a brand’s macro design viewpoint.  Uniquely positioned and detailed [...]


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