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28 February, 2018

Energy Efficiency, Thermal Comfort and Housing for older citizens

Many of us are well aware of the global phenomena taking place in world demographics and the structural ageing of the population.  Indeed Bernard Bernanke, former Governor of the US Federal Reserve Bank stated “In the coming decades, many forces will shape our economy and our society, but in all likelihood, no single factor will have [...]

10 February, 2015

A beautiful and sustainable house adjoining Springbrook National Park

A disused banana farm overrun by noxoius weeds, on the fringes of a world heritage national park, provided the perfect clean slate for sustainable design. Acquired by a couple with strong environmental values, the Austinville project was part of a larger strategy for them to give back to the environment. With a long history in [...]

11 December, 2012

The Green Wall Phenomenon – a vine frame for a commercial building

The notion of greening buildings and the urban landscape can be difficult to achieve. Personally, I have found people’s attitudes toward greening a city very positive. When asked about greening the city the general response is “yes it’s a great idea, we should be doing more of it” however, when delivering projects, the attitude of [...]

21 September, 2011

The future of organic construction materials

Recent advances in science and biology have demonstrated that organic building materials can be grown from the microscopic level, just as coral reefs can grow to enormous sizes as a by-product of the process of tiny organisms. Organic alternatives to petrochemical building products are a step in the right direction for a green future in [...]


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