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11 March, 2016

The World Famous Architect

While undertaking some late night googling looking for papers on getting the best performance from our architects, I stumbled upon this website…”Notes on becoming a famous Architect”.  Topics include “Pay Attention to your clothes”, “You Don’t have to be good Parts 1-5″, “Fake it till you make it” and “Take a lesson from Paris Hilton.” [...]

20 May, 2013

More Apps for Architects, builders…and anybody else interested

Our last newsletter featured some of the latest apps available on for iPhones and Android devices that are simple applications making our working lives easier.  The feature included Sunseeker, a program that allows us to determine the suns location at any time of the year, an extremely handy tool in our detailed process of maximizing [...]

20 October, 2010

Going beyond green star – strategies for eco design

Ken Yeang – maylaysian based architect and academic has been working in the eco building arena for many years and developed his own eco design strategies well before the emergence of green building councils around the world. While Yeang obviously asserts his supports the rise of the green frameworks and the accreditation process of green star, bream , leed he highlights that these frameworks are still quite limited and are not in the truest sense complete eco design.


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