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29 June, 2012

Changes to the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme – could it impact the uptake of solar panels post July 9?

The Queensland Government Office of Clean Energy has officially announced that from 10 July 2012 the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme feed-in tariff for surplus electricity generated from domestic solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems with a less than 5kW capacity will be reduced from 44 c/kWh to 8 c/kWh.   The Government notes that the 44 cent [...]

7 November, 2011

Energy Saving Devices – LMS

With the recent introduction of the Carbon Tax and the continued need for environmentally sustainable products, we are constantly bombarded with new building products that are being released into the market.  One such interesting product we have come across is an apparatus that provides a method for dimming control of electrical lighting systems that translates [...]

28 August, 2011

Rammed earth – Lightwave discovers the essence of WA

Working across cultures and regions requires Lightwave designers to carefully and sensitively uncover and understand the essence of a place.  Indeed, I argue that being an outsider allows opportunities to discover the unique attributes of a place and rearticulate them into the built environment in ways not previously considered. Our current work in Western Australia [...]

11 July, 2011

Solar vs BHP – weighing up the investment

Have you ever considered the investment potential of your household solar system against a blue chip stock such as BHP?  David Hetherington of the Financial Review recently posed the question and came up with the following results. The recent technological advances in solar technology, including the storage of generated power have been great and an [...]

4 July, 2011

Natural Swimming Pools

Lightwave is currently designing a natural swimming pool in Yamba, northern NSW. While popular in Europe since the 1970s, natural swimming pools are now gaining popularity in Australia. In today’s synthetic environment where over-stimulation and technology are common factors in people’s lives, natural alternatives and chemical free environments are taking hold.  Natural pools are an [...]

28 July, 2010

Green Building – an asset manager sells the benefits.

We were surprised to hear an asset manager, who generally operate purely on returns to investor, describe the future of their business and see Green Buildings as providing additional returns to their investment portfolio.


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