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Environmental Design Strategy

Eco Village, Lightwave Architectural

We believe it’s easy being green

Environmentally sustainable design (ESD) is a broad and complex topic that spans across numerous fields of expertise.

Environmental design starts with ecology and the process by which the design of the built environment mimics the systems, structures and processes of ecosystems.

It may be applied for numerous reasons, whether it be to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions, to reduce the life-cycle costs of a particular type of environment, to target a specific market or just plain responsible solutions to interact with our natural environment.

While built environment professionals, investors and regulating authorities embrace the adoption of environmental practices, standardised frameworks are still in the early stages of development. With this in mind we have developed our own, unique environmental design strategy.

Green Building councils around the world have worked together and established what we believe to be one of the best preferred frameworks to qualify real ESD initiatives and separate them from ESD fluff.  The Green Building Council of Australia Green Star ratings provide a quantitative measurement of the sustainable attributes of a building project.  A four star project is industry best practice, five star signifies Australian excellence while six star is a world leader in sustainable design.  Refer to our Green Star Accreditation for more information on the framework.

The Benefits of Sustainable Development

We have found that environmental architecture and design benefits our clients by creating:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher return on investment
  • Greater tenant attraction
  • Enhanced marketability
  • Productivity benefits
  • Reduced liability and risk
  • A healthier place to live and work
  • Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Future proofed assets
  • Competitive advantage through product differentiation